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optoNCDT2300-2DR | Advanced blue laser triangulation sensor with 2mm range

The optoNCDT2300-2DR laser triangulation sensor is specifically designed for measurement on highly reflective and shiny objects with the absolute precision. With extremely small laser spot size, the sensor can reliably detect very small objects such as that presents in electronics assembly. The blue laser sensor generates a very stable signals and capable of measure to nanometer resolutions. It also features an advanced real time surface compensation feature to rapidly adapt to changing surfaces, ideal for measurement on flat and annealed glass. The sensor can also be fixed parallel to the measurement objects, which simplifies the installation process.
Key features:
  • Range : 2mm
  • Linearity : ±0.03% of FSO
  • Measuring Rate : Adjustable maximum of 49.14kHz
  • >Output : Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422
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