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Micro Epsilon optoNCDT1420 | Smart laser triangulation sensor

The optoNCDT1420 offers the combination of speed, size, performance and versatility for compact laser triangulation sensors. The sensor also features an integrated controller in the housing for measurement in restricted installation space and dynamic applications. This high performing laser sensor is capable of focusing a small light spot into the measurement object to detect even the smallest objects, reliably.

Due to its Auto Target Compensation (ATC) feature, optoNCDT1420 provides stable signals regardless of the target color or brightness. This sensor can be optionally configured and operated via an extended web interface for ease of use. Up to eight user-specific sensor settings can be stored in the system. It also features a quality slider for the sensor to adapt with static and dynamic processes.

Key features include:
  • Range : 10mm – 500mm
  • Linearity : ±0.1% of FSO
  • Measuring Rate : maximum of 4kHz
  • Output : Analog and Digital RS422
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