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optoNCDT1750 | Universal laser displacement sensor for industrial automation

The optoNCDT1750 is a powerful, universal laser triangulation sensor for precision measurement for industry and automation. It offers significant improvement from the compact version of laser triangulation sensor. With a newly evaluated algorithm and enhanced components, this sensor is capable of measuring at the highest accuracy in dynamic applications. It also features a compact design with integrated controller for installation into restricted space.

One of the unique characteristics of optoNCDT1750 is its Real-Time Surface Compensation (RTSC) feature. It allows the sensor to automatically adjust the amount of light generated by the laser based on the amount of light reflected from the target surface during continuous exposure and in real-time. With this newly added feature, this sensor is extremely reliable when used for measuring reflective objects.

Key features:
  • Range : 2mm – 750mm
  • Linearity : ±0.08% of FSO
  • Measuring Rate : maximum of 7.5kHz
  • Output : Analog and Digital RS422
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