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optoNCDT1420-CL1 | Smart laser triangulation sensor with Class 1 laser

The optoNCDT1420-CL1 offers the similar measurement capability to the optoNCDT1420 with the exception of the laser radiating power. The optoNCDT1420-CL1 is a laser triangulation sensor with laser class 1 designed to comply with laser security regulation. With laser radiating power of 390µW maximum, it has significantly lower radiation than the general optoNCDT1420 with class 2 laser. This laser sensor with reduced power is ideal when used to measure sensitive materials such as that commonly presents in medical and pharmaceutical application. The optoNCDT1420-CL1 is capable of measuring without triggering any chemical or thermal reaction on the surface of the materials. With lower radiating power, the optoNCDT1420-CL1 can be used safely in a location where people work in the vicinity of the laser sensor without protective measure. Example of this application is in automotive production industry where it is used as alignment tool during installation of interior parts.
Key features:
  • Range : 10mm – 50mm (up to 200mm on special request)
  • Linearity : ±0.1% of FSO
  • Measuring Rate : maximum of 4kHz
  • Output : Analog and Digital RS422
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