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Industrial Automation

Industrial factory automation uses the combination of intelligent control systems to handle different process and high precision measurement system to collect physical data. The challenge lies in gathering accurate data and transferring them into the control system as a feedback for the controller to make intelligent decision. Factory automation relies on full connectivity in the process from development, production and logistics.

Bestech Australia supplies a wide range of smart and high precision displacement and position measurement sensors that can be easily integrated into the robots and process machinery due to their compact design. These sensors also feature smart and integrated algorithm for evaluation without requiring additional controller which offers versatility for operation in industrial environment. These high precision sensors also offers integrated interface with wide range of industrial protocols such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422, etc, to allow for communication with modern industrial control system and program. We have sensors that are able to withstand operation in industrial environment and possess the capability to connect with industrial computer interface and measurement system.

We offer a variety of sensors suitable to operate in factory and plant automation setups.

  • Laser Triangulation Dispacement Sensors
  • Capacitive Displacement Sensors
  • Fibre Optic Sensors
  • Laser Scanners
  • Optical Micrometer
  • Universal Laser Sensors
  • True Color Sensors
  • Inductive Sensors

Edge detection of fabric strips in the cutting machine

For fabrics manufacturers, the strip materials need to be cut into a defined size during processing. The fabrics may consist of various types of materials and may be partly perforated. Cutting the fabrics into the precise size is essentials to reduce material waste. To achieve optimal results, the exact position of the materials needed to be determined before further processing. The sensors used for determining position of the fabrics have to correctly recognize the materials or it may cause machine malfunction due to missed controller signals. The optoCONTROL CLS-K-31 fiber optic sensor is recommended for this measurement task due to...


Automated monitoring and identification of bottles in breweries

In bottling or brewery plant, an automated inspection system is required to identify empty containers when the bottled crates are received. Micro-Epsilon agent, Tipteh has developed an inline test system that is equipped with five scanCONTROL 2900-50 laser line triangulation sensors. The system scans the crates from above as they travel along the conveyor belt. This automated scanning system is capable of measuring number of row of bottles in the crates as well as accurately measure the bottle height to determine whether the correct bottles are in the crate. This offers significant improvements to the conventional image processing systems as...


One-sided thickness measurement of container glass

Wall thickness and roundness of the bottles are crucial parameters that define quality in glass production. They must be thoroughly inspected during the production process. The faulty products, if found, should be rejected and directly returned to the glass melt for further processing. Manufacturers need a fast and automated inspection system due to the high processing speed. This particular measurement application requires a non-contact sensor as any damage to the bottles is not tolerated. The system consisting of confocalDT2422 dual channel measurement system and IFS2406-10 confocal sensors are ideally suited for this measurement task as they are capable to measure...


Color detection of kitchen fronts

Color detection is an indispensable tool used in the automation industry to evaluate objects. While designing kitchen fronts, it is important to keep the desired color by the customer in place and avoiding any color deviation that might lead to customer dissatisfaction. Color sensors are used to evaluate color deviations in objects that are imperceptible to the human eye to ensure that the customer gets what he asked for.  The colorSENSOR OT-3-MA-30-16 inspects the color of the kitchen fronts in the painting plant, while also checking for color differences during the production process. Doing this gives the assurance of a...


In-line detection of protective film on PVC window frames

The PVC window frames are provided with a protective film to protect them from scratches and dirt. This film is applied to the window profile after it is extruded. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the film has been applied correctly to the window frame for a smooth production process. To facilitate this assurance, color measurement sensors are used to check the film application. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 provided by Bestech Australia detects the exact color difference based on spectral color measurement. After the transparent film is applied onto the window frame, the color of the frame changes and a...


Temperature Measurement on PCBs

Rework stations generally require high-quality PCBs with SMD components. Any residuals from soldering and manufacturing defects are removed by means of hot air. The removal process begins when the optimal temperature of the PCB reaches a certain point, after which the replacement of that component is carried out. The automatic start-up helps in reducing the thermal load on the PCB and optimizes the processing time. Temperature measurement plays a huge role in this process to accurately identify the starting point of the removal process. Non-contact infrared temperature sensor from Micro-Epsilon thermoMETERCT is integrated into the modular measurement system. It offers uniform...