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Color measurement of RAL colors (K1/K5)

RAL colors are used in a range of different industries, from design to construction. They ensure precise quality control in the manufacturing process. RAL color samples help ensure that every product in a production line is colored and painted correctly — making it easy to spot mismatched colors and flaws during the inspection. Here, to distinguish shades of red, green, and white the RAL K1 and RAL K5 color fans are compared with the help of colorSENSOR CFO sensors from Micro-Epsilon. They are designed to provide high precision when measuring and analyzing colors and work on the principle of non-contact measurement. 

For optimal operation, the sensor is calibrated to a 1.25-inch zenith white standard. Here, a reflex sensor with a 45° distance ferrule is used. With the sensor head placed on the RAL chart, one of the two-color shades is taught per color. After this once, the color groups are assigned to RAL colors, the sensor starts the color evaluation. Now, the acquired data can be provided as output to a control system digitally. The multi-teach function that allows teach-in of up to 320 colors in 254 color groups is an added advantage of this highly accurate color measurement system.