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Monitoring embossment depth

Embossing serial numbers into metal objects is a popular practice that helps businesses to trace products such as car body shells. Whether it’s theft prevention or source verification, embossment is done with the help of embossment tools to encourage easy identification. However, for flawless execution, it is essential to make sure that the embossment tool is positioned at the right distance from the component. This can be ensured by using optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensors. 

This sensor from Micro-Epsilon is compact and offers high precision (repeatability 0.5μm). It is used in the process with an embossment machine to position the tool depending upon the distance between the component and the machine. Moreover, the optoNCDT 1420 is responsible for measuring the embossment profile. Along with ensuring the uniform embossed depth, it also helps to accelerate the process with its predefined settings. Thus, optoNCDT 1420 is an economical solution, particularly for high-volume applications.