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Automated monitoring and identification of bottles in breweries

In bottling or brewery plant, an automated inspection system is required to identify empty containers when the bottled crates are received. Micro-Epsilon agent, Tipteh has developed an inline test system that is equipped with five scanCONTROL 2900-50 laser line triangulation sensors. The system scans the crates from above as they travel along the conveyor belt.

This automated scanning system is capable of measuring number of row of bottles in the crates as well as accurately measure the bottle height to determine whether the correct bottles are in the crate. This offers significant improvements to the conventional image processing systems as the laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon not only can detect the presence of bottles but also the height. This system can also be integrated with PLC system to deliver an “OK” or “not OK” value, whereby any faulty crates can be directly removed. It also capable of delivering accurate measurement results despite measurement challenges commonly encountered such as different reflective properties of different glass and/or vibration in the conveyor belt.