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Control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit

Fiber-reinforced composites are used in a variety of industries; their low weight and excellent properties make them more and more popular. Despite their robustness, however, components that are made from fiber-reinforced composites require careful repair and maintenance, especially when damaged. For example, the repair of components of airplanes made from these composites is done with the help of ULTRASONIC mobileBLOCK designed by SAUER GmbH. 

This milling unit is backed by the optoNCDT 1302 laser triangulation sensor with a scanCONTROL laser scanner to measure the surface profile. It not only helps to save time but reduces manual efforts as well. This sensor by Micro-Epsilon can be directly integrated into software that is tailored to the needs of the customer. The sensors help to measure the surface of the component at a measuring range of 200mm by avoiding any collision. Simultaneously the scanCONTROL provides the 3D data of surface profile that is used further in the repair process. Therefore, this combination of a laser triangulation sensor & a laser scanner provides complete control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit.