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Edge detection of fabric strips in the cutting machine

For fabrics manufacturers, the strip materials need to be cut into a defined size during processing. The fabrics may consist of various types of materials and may be partly perforated. Cutting the fabrics into the precise size is essentials to reduce material waste. To achieve optimal results, the exact position of the materials needed to be determined before further processing. The sensors used for determining position of the fabrics have to correctly recognize the materials or it may cause machine malfunction due to missed controller signals.

The optoCONTROL CLS-K-31 fiber optic sensor is recommended for this measurement task due to its capability to offer accurate and reproducible measurement results. This is due to its low sensitivity to scratches and contamination on the shiny metallic surfaces of the roller. The sensor can also be directly mounted on one of the cutting blades due to its compact design and reliably detects the position of the beginning of the roll. It is also available with freely selectable probes to tailor into specific customer’s requirement.

Sensor Technology used: 

Fiber Optic sensors