Confocal Sensors

The confocal sensors use the confocal chromatic measurement technology to achieve a high precision measurement of distance, displacement and position. The confocal measuring system features a controller and a sensor that are connected via a fiber-optic cable. Both the controller and the sensor can be controlled with a user-friendly web interface without using any additional software.

Using the confocal chromatic measurement principle, a highly precise and stable measurement can be achieved on almost all types of surface, including diffusive and reflective surfaces. The sensor also has a very small measurement spot size for detecting small and miniature objects. It is also available with various configuration to fit in different geometrical features, such as measurement inside holes or recesses.

One of the most unique features of confocal measurement system is its capability to conduct a single-sided thickness measurement of transparent materials, such as glass. The confocal system offers vast, editable database materials to calculate the exact thickness based on the material-specific parameters. It is also equipped with multi-peak measurement capability to measure thickness of multi-layered objects, such as laminated glasses.