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ConfocalDT IFC2421/2422 | Universal confocal measurement system

The confocalDT IFC2421/2422 are industry standard confocal controllers for general displacement and thickness measurement in the industry. They are ideal for low-cost, high volume applications such as in OEM and are available as single-channel and dual-channel version. The individual controller is integrated with active exposure regulation feature in its CCD array to rapidly compensate for fast changing or difficult surfaces. These systems are compatible with all IFS sensor model. For dual-channel version, the system can achieve a maximum measurement rate of 6.5kHz on both channels and they can be synchronously measured. An optional multi-peak calculation module is offered to calculate the thickness of multi-layered objects. The systems can be configured via a user-friendly web interface that can be accessed via an Ethernet connection.
Key features:
  • Measuring Rate: adjustable from 100Hz to 6.5kHz
  • Resolution: 1nm
  • Analog/ RS422/ Ethernet/ EtherCAT interface
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