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IFS Series, Confocal Chromatic Sensor

Confocal sensors are available in a wide range of standard and miniature versions to suit measurement of displacement and position in axial and radial orientation. These sensors are of passive design and do not contain electronics components in its design. Therefore, they do not radiate heat to their surroundings. This allows the sensors to be used for measurement in extreme condition, such as in vacuum, explosive and hazardous environment. These confocal chromatic sensors are compatible with the confocalDT controllers as a complete confocal chromatic measurement system.

Model Description  Measurement  Range  Resolution Download
IFS2402 Miniature confocal chromatic sensor for high precision measurement in restricted space. This sensor is ideal for measurement axial or radial displacement inside narrow cavities or drill hole 0.4 - 2.5 mm 16 - 100 nm Datasheet IFS2402
IFS2403 Miniature confocal chromatic sensor with slightly larger external diameter of 8mm. This sensor is also ideal for measurement in restricted space and enable one-sided thickness measurement on transparent materials due to its larger digital aperture. 0.4 - 10 mm 16 - 250 nm Datasheet IFS 2403
IFS2404 Compact, miniature low-cost confocal chromatic sensor for high volume applications such as in OEM. This sensor can also be used to measure the thickness of transparent materials one-sidedly 2 mm 40 nm Datasheet IFS 2404
IFS2405 Robust confocal sensors with large stand-off distance and high sensitivity for general measurement applications. 0.3 - 30 mm 10 - 36 nm Datasheet IFS2405
IFS2406 Compact confocal chromatic sensor designed for measurement on reflective and transparent surfaces with the highest precision. This sensor is suited for measurement under vacuum environment and offers a very small light spot for measurement on extremely small objects 2.5 - 10 mm 24 nm Datasheet IFS2406
IFS2407 Compact confocal chromatic sensor with small spot size and large tilt angle for measurement of displacement, thickness and roughness. The axial version of this sensor is ideal for measurement of fast-moving and dynamic objects. 0.1 - 0.3 mm 10 nm Datasheet IFS2407
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