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ConfocalDT IFC2471HS | High speed confocal controllers up to 70kHz

The confocalDT IFC2471HS is regarded as one of the fastest confocal measurement systems in the world with a maximum measuring rate of 70kHz. It is specifically used for fast distance measurement of highly reflective and shiny surfaces. The IFC2471HS is available as a standard version for general distance and displacement measurement or as a multi-peak version for thickness measurement. It is compatible with all model of IFS sensor and can be easily configured via a user-friendly web interface without the need of additional software. The measured value can be transferred to the control system via the Analog, Ethernet, EtherCAT or RS422 interface.
Key Features:
  • Measuring rate: 70kHz
  • Resolution : 1nm
  • Analog, RS422, Ethernet/EtherCAT interface
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