Capacitive sensors

Bestech Australia supplies capacitive sensor system from Micro-Epsilon. Capacitive sensors offer unmatched precision and signal stability for non-contact measurement of displacement, distance, position and thickness against all types of electrically conductive materials. Due to this reason, capacitive sensors are popular as measurement tools in laboratories and industrial environments. Operating based on the idea of ideal plate-type capacitors, the sensors measurement can achieve sub-nanometer resolutions when measurements are carried out in clean environments.

The capaNCDT capacitive sensors can be easily adapted to customer-specific measurement requirement and therefore, is ideal for high-volume OEM application. The complete capaNCDT system consists of a sensor, connecting cable, controller and output cable. Both the sensors and controllers are fully compatible with each other and can be flexibly interchanged to cater for different measurement range. The capaNCDT sensor system from Micro Epsilon offers the largest variety of combinations of sensors and controllers for almost all kinds of applications.