Magneto Inductive Sensor

The magneto inductive sensor is firstly developed to combine the advantages of both the inductive and magnetic sensor. The magnet is fixed to the measurement object and act as a tracer. Displacement of the objects is detected in the sensor coil based on the change in the magnetic flow in the sensor element. Magnet of different strengths can be applied to achieve measurement up to 55mm. Therefore, it is only necessary to change the magnet should a different measurement range is required.
This innovative technology offers tremendous benefit to the users in terms of convenience and flexibility. It is widely used as an alternative to proximity sensors in factory automation and packaging industry. It can also be used for measuring rotational speed of shafts or gear wheels. The mainSENSOR is also incredibly easy to install as no calibration is required. The sensor can also be optionally designed to IP69K rating for application in food industry. As they are easy to be customized for specific requirement, the mainSENSORs are also ideal for OEM application or high-volume production.