Long range laser

The long range laser sensors are optoelectronic sensors designed for non-contact measurement of distance, displacement and speed. They feature a large measuring range from 0.5m to 3000m. This enables measurement of critical surfaces such as hot objects, which requires measurement to be taken from a safe distance.

The optoNCDT ILR laser distance sensor features a robust and compact design for easy installation and integration. The sensors are also capable of providing reliable and accurate measurement results in both indoor and outdoor environment. Optional integrated heating and enhanced protection casings are also offered for outdoor applications.

The ILR sensors utilise the time-of-flight measuring principle and phase comparison principle, depends on the model. The phase comparison sensor works particularly well when it is used to measure range up to 150m. The ILR sensors can also be operated either with or without the use of reflector film. Depending on the required range or ambient condition, the use of reflector may be necessary to obtain stable and precise measurement results.