The white light interferometer is the new and innovative displacement measurement system from Micro Epsilon that offers high precision measurement of displacement and thickness and stable measurement results with sub-nanometer resolution. Interferometry technique is developed based on studying change in characteristics due to interference of waves, such as lights, radio or sound waves. This measurement technique is widely used for calibration instrument and for controlling mechanical motion in precision machining applications. It also has a comparatively large measuring range and large stand-off distance for easy installation.

The white light interferometer system consists of a robust sensor head, flexible connecting sensor cable and a controller in an aluminum housing that can be mounted on a DIN rail. The controller can compensate for fluctuations in ambient temperature to achieve superior temperature stability in measurement. It also offers integrated interfaces such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 as well  as additional encoder connections, analog outputs, synchronization inputs and digital I/Os for integrated into almost all industrial control system and program. Various types of sensors, cables and accessories are also available for measurement tasks in clean room or in vacuum environment.

The sensor generates a small light spot diameter of only 10 µm irrespective of its measurement range. This allows for detection of fine details such as in semiconductors or miniaturized electronic components. The interferometer system is also fitted with newly evaluated algorithm to achieve high signal stability.

 The system is configured via easy-to-use and intuitive web interface which can be accessed via Ethernet. This allows for quick and easy setup of configurations such as measuring rate, custom presets, etc.