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IMS5400-TH | White light interferometer with submicron accuracy

The IMS5400-TH is white light interferometer with intelligent controller designed for absolute distance measurement with submicron precision. This compact sensor has robust design in a metal housing for non-contact distance and thickness measurement in industrial application such as in production line. It is specifically designed to measure thickness of transparent objects with the highest precision. A nanometer-accuracy thickness measurement can be achieved even when the sensor is used to measure on moving objects. This system also boasts wide measurement range to allow for thickness measurement on wide range of materials such as thin layers, flat glass and films. It can also accurately measure on anti-reflective coated glass.

The IMS5400-TH is a compact sensor system that can be easily integrated in confined space. The sensor can be optionally designed with highly flexible fibre optic cable with 10m length to allow for spatial separation between the sensor and the controller. Therefore, the controller can be separately installed in a control cabinet via DIN rail mounting to provide stable measurement results. The controller also has integrated interface with Ethernet, EtherCAT and RS422 as well as other synchronization inputs module and digital I/O to enable connection into modern control system and program. The initial operating parameters can be easily set-up via user-friendly web interface without additional software.

Key features:
  • Measurement range: 0.035 - 1.4mm
  • Resolution: < 1nm
  • Measuring rate: adjustable from 100Hz to 6kHz
  • Passive cooling
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