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Monitoring the clamping of tools

Modern, high performance machine tools are now achieving accuracies of just a few micrometers or even less. Such precision can

Absolute and continuous filling-level measurement

  Continuous acquisition of the level must be ensured for high precision monitoring of filling levels. These requirements can be

Control and monitoring of the production sequence in a refinery

    In the refinery crude oil is cracked by distillation to give petroleum, kerosene and diesel oil. In the


A complete family of powerful learning tools designed to create modern CIM CELL technology for your classroom. Hampden CIM Cell

3D Suit Inertial Motion Capture System for Biomechanical, Sports Science and Rehabilitation Applications

Intended Audience A guide for researchers not familiar with latest features of the next generation 3DSuit inertial Motion Capture Systems,

Optimised strip thickness measurement

Semi-finished products such as hot or cold strip are the starting materials for subsequent processing stages and therefore directly determine the quality of the

Macro Sensors Satisfies LVDT Requirements for Current and Legacy Turbine Installations

Macro Sensors offers a broad range of Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDTs) linear position sensors in various configurations and outputs

High Temperature Resistance Make Linear Position Sensors Ideal for Valve Positioning Applications in Power Plants

  Built for extraordinary reliability and resistance to high temperatures, HSTAR 750 Series Hermetically Sealed Position Sensors from Macro Sensors

LVDT Position Sensors Monitor Shell Expansion, Bearing Vibration in Gas Turbines

The Macro Sensors HLR 750 Series of ¾” diameter LVDT Position Sensors play an important role in the predictive maintenance

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