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Thermal Imager for Metal Industry, TIM M1


Bestech now announces the release of the special Thermal Imaging camera from Micro Epsilon for temperature monitoring of metals, TIM M1. The modern TIM M1 has a short spectral wavelength of 1µm for reliable temperature monitoring in the metal processing industry. The TIM M1 could provide reliable and accurate temperature measurement of object with higher radiation intensity, such as hot metals during processing. This non-intrusive measuring method provides safe and reliable temperature monitoring method to ensure high quality of the processed metals. The TIM M1 is available in a wide range of different models with different spectral range for specialised applications.

The special TIM M1-N1064 thermal imager is integrated with a special laser blocking filter that suppress the laser wavelength. This is ideally suitable for use in laser welding applications. With an equipped notch filter operating at 1064nm and 44nm bandwidth, it would block incoming spectral wave within this exact wavelength range. This filter is commonly used for application of TIM M1 in temperature measurement during laser powder welding and 3-D printing.

The TIM M1 B880 uses a bandpass filter that would only pass spectral wave with a wavelength of 880nm at a bandwidth of 70nm. This infrared camera may be suitable to be used in laser processing, laser welding applications with wavelengths of 950nm as well as any other applications involving the use of diode and fiber. For example, the laser line of kW laser type operates exactly at this wavelength, which allow the laser line to be perfectly visualized and monitored.

Using the TIMConnect monitoring software, the captured thermal images can be visualized in real-time in a computer or control system via a USB connecting interface. The software also features detailed analysis of image contour, non-linear temperature scaling and thermodynamic process. With available measurement ranges of 450C to 1800C and a high optical resolution of 764×480 pixels, the thermoIMAGER TIM M1 ideal to cover the entire process monitoring requirements in the metal industry.

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