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Drive controller in precision rewinding machines

Mechanical engineering company MEMA from Menden in Germany produces, among other things, rewinding machines for metal strips. Finished coils are

Measuring Jib extension on mobile cranes

  Mobile cranes often have to be pushed to their limits in different areas of application, including operating in confined

Lift height measurement for two-column lifts

  Modern two-post lifting systems are normally designed without a base frame. This means that in contrast to conventional lifts

Position measurement in Computer Tomography (CT)

  In the latest CT equipment, the most effective diagnoses are determined by how precise and fast the measurement systems

Angle measurement in SoloAssist

SoloAssist gives surgeons a helping hand by reducing the cost per operation and improving quality. The device resembles an arm

Monitoring of Training exercises on rehabilitation and therapy machines

  “Ideal design costs and performance” are important requirements when it comes to the conceptual design, physical form and carrying

Position measurement on X-ray machines

​ X-ray machines must provide high quality images in different positions. Previously, an X-ray cassette with film had to be

Monitoring thermal expansion of pipelines in power stations

  Pipelines in power stations have to withstand pressures of 300bar and temperatures of up to 620°C. These extreme conditions

Filling quantity measurement in biogas tanks

  Biogas is a modern renewable energy source and potentially a lucrative source of income for many farmers. Its special