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Benefits of non-destructive package leak tester


Package greatly influences the branding and integrity of food products. The ability to detect package leaks is essential to ensure the freshness, quality and consistency of food products. If we put ourselves in customers’ shoes, we would not want to find that food that we just bought from supermarket is rotten and inedible. This is commonly due to penetration of organic gases and foreign material or package leaks. Food manufacturers put great efforts to prevent this by developing package materials that are gas-impenetrable and leak-tight. A wide range of leak tester is available in the industry and has been extensively used for checking package integrity.

The water bath leak tester is the commonly used leak testing method. This conventional leak testing device allows the users to visually detect the leaks’ location. Hence, the tiniest leak in the package could be observed. Despite its advantages, this method heavily relies on the operators to visually detect the leak. Over the long run, the reliability of this procedure will decrease significantly due to operators’ fatigue. Furthermore, the tested package could not be returned to the production line and must be discarded which further adds to the costs.

Now, modern leak tester offers more reliable and consistent results in testing food and pharmaceutical package. The Sealtick 6086b , a non-destructive leak tester from Bestech Australia, is such a device. It could be used to test a wide range of packages, including can, bottle and flexible type packages. It utilizes a vacuum decay testing method that does not affect the package nor its content. Hence, the tested package can be returned to production line for additional testing.

Sealtick 6086b offers many advantages and benefits for the manufacturers when compared to the conventional water bath leak tester. Some of the benefits are:

    • Cost-Effective

Packaging validation is an important aspect that impacts the quality of food and pharmaceutical products. Most companies invest in the R&D of their packaging design and identify the most suitable package for their products. Operators need to test this package for integrity before it can be used. Fill a defective package could massively add up to labor and operational costs. When packages are tested before filling stage, operators have greater assurance that the finished products is less likely to fail the leak test.

    • Data Interpretation and System traceability

Manufacturers put great efforts to optimize production and minimize waste in their process. When things went wrong, they should be able to quickly diagnose the root cause of problem and troubleshoot the issue. The data from the measuring instruments provide information that will assist the operators in identifying the root cause of problem. The Sealtick 6086b leak tester displays quantitative data that can be easily interpreted. It also offers data logging and storage feature. This allows the manufacturers to easily assess the log to determine the root cause of the problem when the process went wrong. Therefore, it will minimize time and cost required for maintenance and the process can be restarted with minimum delay.

    • Simple, Fast and Automated

Sealtick 6086b offers simple and automated testing with test results to be finalized in 5-20 seconds. As the LED panel provides clear indication of the test results, operators only need to react to fail/pass lamp without having to visually observe the leak. Without a doubt, the Sealtick 6086b offers tremendous cost-saving advantages over conventional water-bath leak tester. Various models are available depends on the weights, sizes, and shapes of the packages. For more information on our Leak Testers product, please click here or contact us to further discuss your applications.

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