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Linear Position Sensors Ensure Accuracy and Reliability of Down Hole Drilling Equipment

Macro Sensors LVDT Linear Position Sensors are used for position feedback control of down hole drilling equipment such as bore

Automated measurement of concrete blocks

The demands made on manufacturing processes have grown rapidly, even in the latest production techniques for concrete blocks. Alongside quality,

Optical sensors in side trimming systems of saw mills

In a saw mill, the tree trunk is stripped of its bark and then separated into planks using a gate

High precision pipe measurement

All piping systems have one thing in common; they must be absolutely leak proof for the medium to be transported.

Laser sensors support cable banding

Cables are often sheathed with different materials because they are exposed to many different loads. The sheathing with different banding

Thickness measurement of black rubber strip for the building industry

Insulation and sealing play important roles in the building industry. Consequently, high demands are made on materials for sealing building

Measurement of carbon brush wear on electric motors

To increase the service life of electric motors and at the same time to optimize the current feed to the

3D inspection and surface assessment of roof tiles

The production of roof tiles places high demands on measurement and testing methods for ensuring constant high product quality. In

3D profile measurement of parts with rotational symmetry

As two rotary pistons must always mesh with each other in rotary piston pumps and these terminate with the pump