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Free workshop seminar on “Shaping the future of Structural Health Monitoring with IoT Sensors” in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney


In conjunction with BeanAir GmbH, Bestech Australia will host a half day seminar on Structural Health Monitoring using Wireless sensors in three locations across Australia; Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. BeanAir GmbH is a leading German company in sensing technology, designs and manufactures smart, rugged and time-synchronized wireless sensor networks. The seminar will be delivered by Mr. Damon Parsy, the CEO at BeanAir GmbH Germany. The presentation will cover BeanAir product demonstration, case studies as well as outlining the requirements for wireless sensor networks and present how clock-drift, network aggregation capacity and measurement stability issues are solved.

Please see below for the abstract of this presentation.

Shaping the future of Structural Health Monitoring with IoT Sensors

Abstract- Structural Health Monitoring is an innovative method of monitoring structural safety, integrity, and performance without affecting the structure itself. Wireless sensor Networks (WSN) have demonstrated their potential for structural Health Monitoring: flexible, easy to deploy, lightweight and cost-effective. However, in many monitoring system, the conventional usages of WSNs are cases with low data rate, small data size, low duty cycle, and low power consumption. Structural health monitoring requires high data rate, time-synchronization, large data size, measurement stability and a relatively high Sampling rate. There are few studies about clock distribution in WSN for data fusion and modal analysis.

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