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New Small thermal imaging camera for OEM applications


Bestech Australia announces the release of small thermal imaging camera from Micro Epsilon, TIM40. The products were briefly introduced last year and we are proud to officially release TIM40 to the Australian market.The TIM40 compact thermal camera features a compact and robust housing with IP67 protection. With the available measuring range from 20C to 900C, it caters for almost all temperature measurement requirement in industrial applications. It also offers an excellent price to performance ratio as industrial camera. The TIM40 is designed with the intention for high volume applications such as in OEM.

One of the unique feature of the TIM40 is its motorized focus feature. It allows the users to focus the camera on targets via remote control. With this unique capability, the TIM40 can be integrated in an area where space is restricted. In addition, this small thermal imaging camera also has an excellent optical resolution with distance-to-spot-size ratio of 390:1. This is suited for temperature measurement of very small objects.

The TIM40 compact thermal imager also has a fast frame rate of up to 80 frames per seconds for monitoring of fast thermal processes. It can be used for measurement of fast moving objects such as in conveyor belts or in research applications. The TIM40 is a cost effective option with similar performance to the higher-end thermal imager.

Integration of this camera into the existing system is also easy through USB interface. The captured images are visualized in the comprehensive software that is also easy to install and use.

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