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Robust industrial capacitive sensor for measuring in industrial environment


Regarded as one of the most precise displacement measurement system, capacitive sensor offers stability and precision for measurement even in the sub nanometer range. Capacitive sensor is commonly used for measurement in a vacuum and clean room environment and is not applicable for industrial use. With the new capaNCDT 61×0/IP system protected to IP68, capacitive sensor can now be used for displacement measurement in many industrial applications.

The capaNCDT 61×0/IP capacitive sensor system includes a sensor, connecting cable and a controller. The system is capable of measuring displacement, distance, deflection and deformation of conductive targets and is specifically designed to cater for high precision measuring requirement in the industrial environment. The industrial capacitive sensor is immune to magnetic interference and able to provide stable measurement even under fluctuating temperature. Controller is housed in a die-casted aluminum casting for improved protection against dust and humidity. The robust connecting cable is designed for large distance measurement up to 8m and is also protected against treading and high temperature.

This capaNCDT system is calibrated at the factory and can be used immediately without the need for on-site calibration. The recalibration is not required even when the sensors are replaced. More than 15 sensors model can be chosen from which the customer can select based on different measuring and installation requirements. Data output is available via analog or digital RS485 interfaces.

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