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  • Sensor mechanics
  • Sensor mechanics

    Draw wire sensors in the wireSENSOR series are application friendly due to the excellent measurement range to size ratio and the fact that they are easy to mount and use. The draw wire sensors are used for simple distance measurements between 50 and 50,000 mm and ideally suited for both integrated as well as subsequent installation. The rugged sensor construction ensures reliable operation even under difficult ambient conditions.There are extremely attractive variants particularly for OEM applications.For more details pleases download product brochure here.
    Draw-wire machanics for encoders Measuring ranges
      • 1.5 – 50m
      • Depends on encoder
      • ±0.01% F.S.O.
    Principle-DrawwireDraw wire displacement sensors measure linear movements using a highly flexible steel cable. The cable drum is attached to a sensor element which provides a proportional output signal.Measurements are performed with high accuracy and high dynamic response, and the measuring drum is axially coupled with a multi-turn potentiometer, an incremental encoder, or an absolute encoder, thus, a linear movement is transformed into a rotary movement and then converted into a resistance change or into countable increments.The use of high quality components guarantees a long life cycle and high operational reliability. MICRO-EPSILON offers a wide selection of draw-wire displacement sensors with numerous types of output signal which meanseach customer has the opportunity of selecting the best sensor for his application. Choose between analogue and digital outputs to optimize individual measurement task.
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