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  • MAPS 6 ( Modular Automation System)
  • MAPS 6 ( Modular Automation System)

    The MAPS6 modular system tackles material handling, testing, processing, assembly, sorting and storage operations. It incorporates multiple technologies such as control, sensor, robotics, pneumatics, motor and drive, RFID and communication. An onboard HMI system can be used to run and control the system.

    Skill Development Objectives
    • PLC Programming and Simulation
    • Control systems in industries
    • Applications of sensors, pneumatics and motorized automation
    • Application of automation in industries
    • Robotics and Automation Technologies
    • Building integrated processes
    • Fault detection and correction
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of components, stations, systems
    • Ethernet communication using hub
    • Combining many PLC’s for automation
    • Fully integrated mechatronics training system
    • Stations can be used individually and then combined for full process
    • Easy to assemble and connect
    • Realistic design & execution of automation
    • Approach from a user’s and designer’s role in designing and simulating integrated circuit (Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical, Electronics and PLC).
    • Comprehensive curriculum towards industry standard mechatronics certification
    Concepts Covered
    • Sensors
    • PLC
    • Transfer Mechanisms
    • Testing, Sorting and Inspection Operations
    • Pneumatics
    • Automation Design
    • Robotics
    • Communication Protocol
    • Motors
    • Operations
    • Process Control
    • Troubleshooting
    • Assembly Operations
    • Data Management
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