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  • MAPS – 3 (Linear Transfer Systems)
  • MAPS – 3 (Linear Transfer Systems)

    This station is designed to demonstrate commonly used transfer mechanisms available in mechatronics systems. Parts placed on the conveyor are detected by sensors, moved into position by horizontal transfer unit. Here a rotary arm picks and places the part into a rotary table and a second rotary arm places part in bin. The system can be reconfigured by repositioning modules to create different processes and programmed using the PLC software. The teacher can introduce faults into the system for the students to troubleshoot and fix, thus teaching them automation troubleshooting techniques.

    The system is built with the following modules: dispensing, belt conveyor, capacitive sensing, rotary pick & place, rotary indexing, pneumatic system.

    Concepts Covered
    • Sensors
    • PLC
    • Pneumatics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Automation Design
    • Motors
    • Operations
    • Transfer Mechanisms
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