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  • Sensor Trainer Kit – Analog Module
  • Sensor Trainer Kit – Analog Module

    Analog sensor module trainer demonstrates the use of analog sensor technology, with a focus on ultrasonic, strain and distance measurement by means of optical sensors prevalent in the current industry with analog output. This trainer is built on an aluminium profile plate and has a single sided workstation upon which the components can be easily mounted to build simple applications and conduct experiments.

    • Counter unit with digital display for frequency
    • Quick connection connectors, piping
    • Weight set
    • Control valve
    • Signal processing unit
    • Strain gauge unit (Defective Arm)
    • Manifold distributor
    • Amplifier unit
    • Service unit pressure regulator, lubricator & gauge
    • Force sensor unit
    • Accumulator (Tank) 120 mm dia x 300 mm length
    • Pressure Sensor 0 – 8 Bars
    • Panel mounting valve
    • Pressure sensor operating switch / valve
    • Cylinder 16 mm dia. x 100 mm length
    • Connection units
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