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Lift height of a catering vehicle

Modern airlines use catering trucks for loading and unloading an aircraft with food. The operation is based upon a hydraulic scissor-type mechanism that raises the body of the truck until it is aligned with the supply door. Since the supply door is located above the aircraft wing, the complete van body is moved in the longitudinal direction. Now, the docking process may be affected by the change in oil viscosity due to ambient temperature conditions. Hence, the movement of the van body is detected with the help of a reliable measuring system.

Bestech Australia offers WDS-xx-P115 series draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon that are mounted between the van body and the scissors system to precisely measure the movement of van. The sensors are extremely rugged and provide precise measurement results even in ambient conditions. These sensors optimise the set up and removal time of the of the catering vans and give a high price to performance ratio.