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Stress tests on aircraft wings

Aircraft wings hold an utmost importance in the proper functioning of an aircraft and durability and hence should be thouroughly tested for vibration and bending behaviour under various stress conditions. These factors are highly significant for the optimization of certain parameters such as service life, safety and fuel consumption. For carrying out these structural tests, special sensors by Micro-Epsilon are used for displacement measurement.

Bestech Australia provides sensors in the series P60 employed for the vertical measurement of the wings during the structural tests. These sensors give very outstanding price/performance ratio and are easy to install and operate. The draw-wire sensors are fitted to the wing at 120 measuring points and upto 1200 mm of displacement can be measured using the sensors. These 120 sensors are synchronised to one another for a better focussed and convincing measurement and capture the vibration and deflection behaviours of the aircraft wing.