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Vibration displacement measurement in road tests

The automotive industry requires the testing a chassis or the base frame of the vehicle for ensuring driving safety of a vehicle. For doing this, highly robust sensor technology is required that can also withstand the high demands of road tests. Draw-wire sensors are considered suitable for performing this type of measurement for they are available in miniature size, are easy to fit and use and highly economical.

The draw wire sensors are mounted parallelly to the shock absorbers for measuring the vibration displacement and the data is recorded for varying road surface quality. The resultant displacement signal is then differentiated to obtain the vibration velocity and vibration acceleration as the final result.

The draw wire sensors are specifically designed for tasks with fast wire movements, short displacements and limited space. They are ideal for industrial use due to their aluminium housing. They are combined with high resolution hybrid potentiometers to provide advanced measurement. They are also considered suitable for operation in applicatos with harsh ambient conditions.