Robust industrial capacitive sensor for measuring in industrial environment

Regarded as one of the most precise displacement measurement system, capacitive sensor offers stability and precision for measurement even in

Compact high precision confocal sensor for high volume application

  Bestech Australia now offers the new confocal chromatic sensor from Micro-Epsilon, confocalDT IFS2402-2, for measuring displacement and thickness of

High Performance Eddy Current sensor for non contact gap measurement in industrial application

The new eddyNCDT3060 is a powerful new generation eddy current displacement sensor that combines precision, speed and temperature stability. This

Bestech announces the release of piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature applications, 6243M1/M2

Bestech Australia presents the high-temperature resistant piezoelectric accelerometer from Endevco , the 6243M1/M2. It is specifically designed for measuring vibration

Bestech Australia partners with Elastisense

Bestech Australia is proud to announce its partnership with ElastiSense from Denmark. ElastiSense is the spin-off of LEAP Technology APS.

Internet of Things (IoT) to drive transformation in the mining industry

Internet of Things (IoT)  The terms Internet of things (IoT), is commonly heard of in the industry. It refers to

Case Study: Using Tilt sensor for wireless measurement of flood gate position in water storage dams

Flood gates control the flow of water in reservoir, rivers, stream or dams. They are integral parts of flood prevention

Sorting shrimps in the fish industry

  A previously manually adjustable sorting machine for shrimps has been retrofitted with a displacement sensor. In this way the

Monitoring the clamping of tools

Modern, high performance machine tools are now achieving accuracies of just a few micrometers or even less. Such precision can