New Small thermal imaging camera for OEM applications

Bestech Australia announces the release of small thermal imaging camera from Micro Epsilon, TIM40. The products were briefly introduced last

Microscopic lens thermal imager to monitor temperature of ultra small objects

Bestech Australia now supplies microscopic lens thermal imaging camera from Micro Epsilon for monitoring temperature of miniature or ultra small

Thermal Imager for Metal Industry, TIM M1

Bestech now announces the release of the special Thermal Imaging camera from Micro Epsilon for temperature monitoring of metals, TIM

VGA resolution thermal imaging camera for temperature monitoring in glass industry

Bestech Australia announces the release of a new industrial thermal imaging camera, TIM G7, from Micro Epsilon. It is specially

Wireless sensors for structural health monitoring in marine oil and gas

Oil & gas platforms are vulnerable to damage as they are continually exposed to extreme weather conditions and damaging forces.

Upcoming Strain Gauge Training Course in Perth

Bestech Australia announces the details of our next full day strain gauging course in Australia. We collaborate with the Australian

Railway condition monitoring with 2D laser profile scanner

Railway tracks are subjected to wear and tear due to their continuous exposure to weather and strenuous operation. Railways are

Compact high precision confocal sensor for high volume application

Bestech Australia now offers the new confocal chromatic sensor from Micro-Epsilon, confocalDT IFS2402-2, for measuring displacement and thickness of transparent

Robust industrial capacitive sensor for measuring in industrial environment

Regarded as one of the most precise displacement measurement system, capacitive sensor offers stability and precision for measurement even in