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Magneto-inductive sensors for Demanding Applications


Bestech Australia announces the release of a new sensor that offers the advantages of two sensors. The mainSENSOR from MicroEpsilon is based on the combination of inductive sensors and magnetic sensors for displacement, distance and rotational speed measurement. The sensor can be used as an alternative to inductive and proximity sensors in applications where large measuring ranges are required. It provides continuous, linear output signal and offers more favorable pricing. The measurement sensitivity provided by the sensor at the end of the measuring range is constantly high. 

The sensor mainly measures the distance from the sensing element to a magnet which is fixed at the measurement object. A change of distance means a change of the magnetic flow in the sensor element. This change is detected by the sensor coil. In the case of application in harsh environments, the sensor is housed separately from the magnet in a clean environment.

The sensor comes in fully metallic housing, a compact design and the option of a flush sensor installation in non-magnetic materials to offer high protection class. The sensor allows users to generate as many switching points as they desire from the continuous analog signal. Only one sensor can cover measuring ranges from 20 to 55 mm, as the magnet used defines the measuring range. If a different measuring range is required, the magnet can be easily exchanged without any further calibration. Additionally, the sensor can also measure through non-ferromagnetic objects such as aluminum or stainless steel.

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