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Multi-channel Controller for displacement measurements and geometrical inspection tasks


Bestech Australia announces the release of a high-performance controller that can combine numerous inductive displacement sensors and gauges for applications in machine building and automation. They are mainly designed to be operated with LVDT and LDR measuring gauges and displacement sensors. The new inductive induSENSOR MSC7602 and 7802 multi-channel systems open up multiple new application possibilities with their high signal and temperature stability and reliability. The controller prices are ideal both for small, medium and higher quantities and offer an optimized price/performance ratio. The bus connector on the rear side significantly reduces the wiring effort. The controllers also allow customer-specific modifications to be implemented at any time. Additionally, the bus connector on the rear side significantly reduces the wiring effort. 

The controllers come with a plastic or aluminium housing and data is output via current or voltage outputs and an RS485 interface. They offer a space-saving solution with installation via a DIN rail for the control cabinet and for the interconnection of up to 32 modules which equates to 64 channels. Parameters can be set via the IF7001 converter which is connected to a PC or the sensorTOOL software or with the help of keys and LED indications. The controllers can be useful in shape and geometrical inspection in the field of quality control, material inspection in test systems, and for clamping stroke measurements.

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