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New Piezoelectric Sensors and Loop-Powered Sensors



Bestech Australia recently announced the release of the new piezoelectric accelerometer and loop-powered sensors from Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. Combining the cutting-edge technology with a knack for high-quality upgrade, we introduce these new sensors as upgraded versions of their predecessors with a more compact design and lower cost.This new version offers a more versatile  application for instrumentation engineers, system engineers, operations, process automation specialists and reliability engineers.

The new piezoelectric accelerometer- 786V offers a broader frequency range of 1-12,000 Hz, a tighter sensitivity tolerance of ±5% and a higher measurement range up to 500g compared to the Wilcoxon 793V. It gives the ease of velocity measurement comparison against the ISO standards for vibration monitoring and is ideal for monitoring imbalance, looseness or misalignment across industrial machines at a comparatively lower cost. 

The new loop powered sensors, Wilcoxon PCC420 series, provide a stable 4-20mA signal output that is proportional to vibration measurement. This allows for continuous monitoring of machine vibration and also helps maintenance operators to prioritise which machine in need for service and alerts users of the changing  machine conditions. Users have the option of choosing the sensor which perfectly fits their industrial requirement.

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