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High-performing Laser Profile Scanner for weld seam optimization


Bestech Australia announces the release of a new line of laser profile scanners with minimal size and low weight. The scanCONTROL 29×0 series features integrated electronics inside of the sensor head which significantly reduces cabling and facilitates mechanical integration. These sensors are ideal for operations that require high resolutions and high profile frequencies. 

The laser scanners are available in many measuring ranges to suit a variety of applications. The scanCONTROL 2900 sensors can be utilised for both static and dynamic measurement tasks. They provide a profile frequency of 200Hz and 256,000 measuring points per second. These sensors can be employed to achieve optimal quality of weld seams in a fully automatic process. They detect the geometry of the seam to be welded before the actual welding process starts. Then, the number of welding processes, the position of the weld seams, the weld speed and the oscillation width are calculated, before the actual welding begins. These measurements are used by the robots to carry out a precise measurement in the fully automated process. 

The scanners can be connected to Ethernet as a data connection to the sensor for sensor configuration and profile data transmission. Only one cable will remain that connects the sensor to the periphery. The multi-function port can be used for power supply, as data output, for switching parameters, as trigger input or for synchronizing several scanCONTROL sensors. Operators can directly transmit the profile data calibrated to their own software via scanCONTROL DLL.

Key features:

  • Measuring range: 70mm to 120 mm (z axis), 42mm to 58 mm (x-axis)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C

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