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Triaxial Seat Pad Accelerometer to Measure Whole Body Vibration transmitted by Driver Seats


Bestech Australia announces the release of a special Seat Pad Accelerometer especially designed for vehicles and construction machines. The KS963B100-S Triaxial Seat Accelerometer measures human vibrations and is standardized in design as specified by ISO 2631, ISO 8041, ISO 10326-1 and ISO 7096 standards. The accelerometer is installed on a seat or strap in a vehicle or a construction machine for vibration measurement. It is built into a flexible rubber pad in order to deform with the seat cushion and is fitted between the occupant and the seat cushion.

The Piezoelectric Seat Pad accelerometer comes in a Stainless steel / NBR case material and includes a transport case, mounting straps, Calibration adapter and an Adapter plug Binder. It also features an Integrated memory for electronic data sheet and can be removed from the pad for calibration. The accelerometer produces IEPE compatible output, which is ideal for reliable signal transmission.

The seat accelerometer serves the purpose of providing a quantitative assessment of ride quality and the dosage levels of vibrations. The data is basically used for validating the performance of seating suspension systems.

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