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New non contact laser displacement sensor for measurement on reflecting surface


Non contact laser displacement sensor for measuring displacement on reflective objects

Bestech Australia announces the release of the new series of the Micro-Epsilon 1750 laser triangulation sensors, the optoNCDT 1750DRThis universal non-contact laser displacement sensor is specifically designed for measurement on specular surfaces or highly reflective objects such as mirror glass, reflecting plastics and polished metals.

The alignment of the optoNCDT1750DR sensor is tilted to ensure that the angle of incidence equals to the angle of reflection. This configuration is intended to minimize the radiation intensity from the reflected light and boost the signal quality for more accurate measurement. The design of this sensor is also compact to enable installation into restricted and narrow space. Moreover, this new laser displacement sensor is designed with laser class 1 which does not represents hazard to skin and eye.

Similar with the other optoNCDT series, the 1750DR laser sensors are built with real-time surface compensation (RTSC) feature. This feature enables to sensor to adjust itself from the amount of reflected signal received from the measurement object during continuous exposure and in real-time. This is useful for measuring in an uneven surface and dynamic measuring applications.

The optoNCDT 1750DR can be operated via an intuitive web interface and is compatible with industrial communication system such as RS422, Analog U/I, Profinet and EtherNET/IP. Its wide measuring range and versatility makes this new laser sensor ideal for industrial testing requirements.

Advantages of this system:

  • Highly dynamic measurement up to 7.5kHz (adjustable)
  • Superior accuracy 0.08% of full scale
  • Safe Class 1 laser
  • Compatible with industrial communication interface

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