Understanding accelerometer functions and applications

´╗┐An object is bound to experience vibration or shock when it experiences external force or mechanical excitations. These shock and

Seal Integrity, Packaging Testing Systems for consumer products

Consumer products manufacturers put the utmost priority on ensuring the seal integrity of their product package. Food products such as

Selection guide for laser triangulation sensors

  Laser triangulation sensor is one of the most sought-after non-contact measurement technologies for measuring distance and displacement in industrial

Impact of different accelerometers mounting configuration on vibration measurements

Modern-day accelerometers are designed in different ways in order to suit each and every vibration measurement requirement in wide range

An Overview of MEMS Variable Capacitance Accelerometers

MEMS Accelerometers are manufactured using microelectronics fabrication techniques. MEMS-based accelerometers measure physical parameters

Overview of Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Piezoelectric accelerometer utilizes the phenomenon of Piezoelectricity in measuring vibration and acceleration of an object or a structure. The Principle

Infrared Thermography: Operating Principle and Applications

Infrared thermography is a non-contact sensor technology used for measuring surface temperature of objects. As it utilizes a non-contact measurement

Advantages of AC LVDT over DC LVDT

LVDT sensor has two components in its design; a fixed housing and a separate move-able core. The core assembly consisted

Introduction to low noise accelerometer

A low-noise accelerometer generates the electrical signal that most accurately represents the real signal without the need for signal processing.