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How to Use FujiFilm Prescale Pressure Measurement Film: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s world, precision and accuracy are paramount, especially regarding pressure distribution and measurement. Enter the Prescale Pressure Measurement Film. Manufactured by Fujifilm, this innovative tool has transformed how industries measure and analyze pressure. Whether in the automotive sector, electronics, or even healthcare, understanding how to use this film correctly can provide invaluable insights into your processes and products.

Below is a simple guide to help you get started:

What is a Prescale Pressure measurement film?

Prescale is a unique film that changes color proportionately to the pressure applied. It is manufactured with advanced thin film’s coating technology used on the entirety of the film. The color density varies according to the amount of pressure applied, allowing users to visualize and measure the pressure distribution accurately.

Select the Right Film Type

Fujifilm offers up to nine types of Prescale pressure films for various pressure ranges, from ultra extreme low pressure (0.006MPa) to super high pressure (300MPa). Each film is made for a certain pressure range (MPa). Ensure you choose the one that aligns with the pressure range you intended to measure in your applications

Preparing the Film

Firstly, accurately measure the dimension of the area to which you intend to apply the film. Cut the film to the desired size using scissors or a cutter. Ensure your cutting tool is sharp to avoid damaging the film’s sensitive layers.

Pressure Application and Measurement

Place the Prescale film between the surfaces or objects where you want to measure the pressure. Before you apply the film to the surface, remove any dust or particles from the surface you intend to measure. This ensures accurate readings and prevents potential damage to the film. Then, apply the pressure. Depending on your application, this could be by closing a device, pressing an object against the film, or any other method.

Analyzing the Results

Once the test is completed, carefully remove the film. Examine the color intensity of the film. The color variation indicates the pressure distribution, with darker areas signifying higher pressure.

For quantitative analysis, compare the film’s color to the provided color correlation chart or use a dedicated Prescale pressure analysis system. The study can be performed on a PC with the suitable scanner, offering potential for R&D, product development applications, and equipment maintenance.

Storage and Handling

Always store the Prescale film in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Doing so maintains the film’s sensitivity and prolongs its shelf life. Handle the film with clean hands or use gloves to avoid any contamination.

Common Industrial Applications

Prescale Pressure Measurement Film has a myriad of applications, including:

Industrial: Checking the uniformity of press machines, verifying the contact status of gaskets, and analyzing the pressure distribution of rollers.

Electronics: Ensuring the evenness of lamination processes and measuring the contact pressure of connectors.

Healthcare: Analyzing the pressure distribution of prosthetics or measuring the bite force in dental applications.

The Prescale Pressure Measurement Film by Fujifilm offers a visual and quantitative analysis of pressure distribution. Professionals across various sectors can gain deeper insights into their processes, products, and research by understanding how to use it correctly. So, the next time you want to measure pressure distribution, consider the Prescale film as your go-to solution!