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Fundamentals of Optical Strain Sensors: Working Principle and Applications

Structures such as bridges, tunnels, pipelines, roadways or dams are continuously exposed harsh environmental conditions that slowly degrade their integrity.

How to Measure Engine Air pressure Drop Using a Pressure Transducer

The internal combustion process in automotive engines requires a mixture of fuel and air to operate properly. If there is

How to Measure Flow Rate in Liquids Using Differential Pressure Transducers

Flow rate is a critical parameter for monitoring and controlling the operational conditions in a variety of industries, laboratories and

Roof tile profile measurement

Profile measurement is crucial during the manufacturing of roof tiles. Manufacturers generally design roof tiles with extensive range of styles

Automated Plasterboard Thickness Measurement in Production Environment

Sensors are increasingly used in the factory and manufacturing environment for production monitoring and quality control. For products such as

Understanding a Wheatstone Bridge Strain Gauge Circuit

A strain gauge basically works on the principle of a simple metal conductor wire that tends to have an impact on

Colour Control and Measurement in Automotive Industry

With the advent of technological advancements in industries, the automotive market has become increasingly competitive. There has been a rise

Meat quality testing with food texture analyzer

Uniformity of meat quality is seen as an important factor by manufacturers for sustaining the high market share both locally

Measuring thickness of uncooked spaghetti

The ideal cooking time of the uncooked spaghetti, pasta or noodles that are purchased from the supermarket is often displayed