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Streamlining the Training of Aspiring Electrotechnology Technicians with Electrical Faulting Panel


Vocational training in electrotechnology has become increasingly important in Australia due to the growing demand for skilled electricians and technicians in the country. Electrotechnology is a crucial industry that involves the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and equipment. With the increasing reliance on technology in everyday life, the demand for skilled professionals in the electrotechnology field continues to grow. This is a high-demand industry and there is a shortage of skilled professionals in many areas of the country. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities available for those with the right skills and qualifications.

Vocational training in electrotechnology provides individuals with the practical skills and knowledge required to work in the industry. These programs are designed to give students hands-on experience and the ability to work on real-life projects, making them well-prepared for the workplace. Vocational training programs also offer students the opportunity to obtain a trade qualification, which is essential for working in the electrotechnology industry.

In Australia, the electrotechnology industry is highly regulated, and it is a legal requirement for electricians and technicians to be licensed. This means that individuals must have completed a recognized training program and passed relevant assessments before they can work in the industry. Vocational training programs in electrotechnology are recognized by industry bodies and are an essential step in obtaining a license. The electrotechnology industry is constantly evolving, and vocational training programs help to ensure that students are up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques in the area of residential/commercial settings or in specialized industries such as renewables and telecommunications.

Vocational schools and universities share the responsibility to produce qualified graduates that are technically adaptable and work-ready to fill national skill shortages. Therefore, practical learning and troubleshooting ability now have more weight in the learning curriculum. There are numerous qualified instructors, but they must be equipped with suitable equipment to support their teaching, which must also be safe for students to operate.

Bestech 710B Electrical Test Board for Capstone Testing and Training in Electrotechnology

Bestech Australia supports the training and teaching of aspiring technicians and engineers and we do that by providing high-quality educational training aids and demonstrators.

At Bestech Australia, we design and manufacture the Bestech 710B, a computer-controlled electrical test board for training and assessment in Electrotechnology. The ground-breaking electrical training and assessment panel is equipped with remote fault activation, which means that teachers can use it to test multiple students with one panel. Our 710B electrical board is suitable for capstone assessment for Certificate III in Electrotechnology.

Being an upgrade to its predecessor, the new 710B panel offers significant upgrades that make it easier for teachers. The new panel now features a 10-inch controllable touch screen and can be remotely accessed which gives teachers the flexibility to insert fault without needing a PC connected to the board. The faulting scenarios can also be remotely activated via a network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This creates significant time saving, easy access, and allows for different fault scenarios for different students which provides fair assessment and better learning experiences.

The fault design is based on the idea that residential wiring installation, maintenance, operation, and repair have inherent risks. With that in mind, this electrical test board is designed using extra low voltage. At the institutional level, teachers have to ensure that every student undergoes the required practical understanding and assessment in an engaging and safe manner.

The benefit of using the Bestech 710B Electrical test panel for Classroom Learning.

  • Minimum risk & hazards
    Every job comes with an inherent risk. There is always the possibility of getting hurt and injured, even when an individual is competent and qualified. Interns or students are exposed to higher risk, especially when working in a technical role. Therefore, the educational training aids must be safe for students to operate and possess no hazards so that students can properly practice on the equipment. The 710B panel operates with extra low voltage and can be used to simulate faults such as short-circuit, open-circuit, and earthing as experienced in real-world situations.
  • Remote Fault activation
    Instructors can remotely insert multiple faulting scenarios into the panel and can use them to assess the progress of multiple students. The test panel also remembers which faults are active in the event where power supply is cut off halfway while performing an assessment. This feature enables the faults to stay active after the next login session.
  • Faster & More Efficient Training
    The faulting capabilities of the new 710B allow the teacher to assess several students with just one panel. It is also highly mobile and movable to be used in both classroom and laboratory which promote the environment to conduct group training sessions and enhances student engagement.

Training Capabilities of 710B

Both teachers and students will find this computer-controlled electrical test equipment with remote fault activation add high value during the training. All circuits can have faults activated on them or be verified as being compliant with no faults.

This 710B test panel also offers integrated software which is a browser-based interface that allows teachers to view the active faults in “Panel View” either over the network or on the panel itself. Teachers can also choose to connect the panel via a network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. A fault sequence can be individually applied and modified from the “Custom Fault Creation” tab, where faults are neatly divided into five main categories. The instructor can save up to 10 previously set validated sequences on each panel using this capability. The web-server-based examination software is tailored for the assessment of an individual student’s competency in the inspection and testing of electrical installations. The software can be set to mark the answers and record all the details of the examination.

This panel provides unmatched repeatability, consistency, and fairness in students’ assessments. The validated fault sequences can be stored on the panel and recalled at the push of a button. If the power supply is interrupted midway through an evaluation, the panel will also recall which faults are still active following the subsequent login.

Students will have substantially improved troubleshooting skills, learn how to do fault-finding, fill skill gaps, and learn in a safe and effective environment. The equipment will help teachers make the teaching experience more engaging and draw more confidence in students to complete tasks quickly.

The 710B panel’s design complies with AS/NZS 3000:2019 and helps with the practical evaluation of a student’s proficiency in the courses. It also complies with UEENEEG105A (to verify the compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations) and UEEEL0039 (Design, Install, and Verify Compliance and Functionality of General Electrical Installations).

We are pioneers and experts in educational equipment for both universities and vocational institutions. Our innovative electrical testing panels have been widely used by the TAFEs, RTO, and industries across Australia. We also provide training equipment for other courses such as hydraulics, HVAC, Automotive, Instrumentation, Process Controls, and engineering.

If you are looking to equip your technical lab with high-quality educational training equipment, have a chat with one of our product specialists at 03 9540 5100. We will assist you in selecting the suitable equipment for your training needs and support you during commissioning and provide after-sales support.

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Bestech 710B Electrical Faulting and Assessment Panel

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