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Research & Education

Bestech Australia has supplied quality sensors and testing machines to pioneering research institutions and renowned universities around Australia whom we have kept strong relationships with over a decade. We have proudly accomplished many custom projects through working closely with researchers and academics.

Bestech Australia has a team of well trained engineers to provide expert advice to our customers in selecting the most appropriate sensors and instrumentation for their measurement.

Most popular products:

  • Thermal Analysers;
  • Material Testing Machines;
  • Strain gauges;
  • Force / Load Cells;
  • Torque transducers;
  • Pressure transducers;
  • Distance / Position sensors.

3D profile measurement of components before laser cladding

In laser cladding, a melt pool is created on the surface of the component. Adding a powdered filler material creates a new, pore-free layer. A scanCONTROL laser profile scanner from Micro Epsilon was used to detect free forms and deviations of the components before laser processing. The scanning is done from multiple different direction and achieve reliable results regardless of the material properties. Obtaining the profile data before processing is crucial to derive optimum processing path. Alternatively, different sensors can be used depending on the application, for example repair, 3D printing, joining or coating and component size. The new scanCONTROL 3050-50/BL...