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Precise alignment of the cathodes at the electron accelerator

With its new project, “bERLinPro,” Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin aims to develop a new technological basis for an “Energy Recovery Linac,” or ERL. But as it turns out, the ERL, that is, a linear accelerator with energy recovery would not be possible without Micro-Epsilon’s precise measurement technology. Micro-Epsilon’s DT6220 along with three capacitive flat sensors are a perfect fit for the electron source of the bERLinPro project. 

The controller was picked because of its combination of features, including high safety standards and its ability to stand up against prevailing ambient conditions — very low temperatures where the controller may experience damage. Therefore, Micro Epsilon’s DT6220 is the ultimate solution for rough, harsh environments. Also, the capacitive flat sensors with auto-calibration functions are well-suited for remote access to crucial data for the project. The fact that the system’s modular design allows it to be used in three locations makes it particularly useful.