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Automatic height adjustment for material analysis

Material analysis is one of those manufacturing processes that require the use of sensors and advanced equipment to make everything flow smoothly. At different production sites, material analysis applications are performed using Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology. To ensure efficiency, the height of the LIBS sensor head must be taken into account, and adjustments made for it. For this purpose, ILD1320-100 sensors by Micro-Epsilon can be of great help. 

The sensor is particularly suitable for measurement objects with different textures such as oxidized spots or extreme tilting angles. ILD1320-100 makes it possible to readjust the height of the LIBS sensor head automatically and thus guarantee the highest level of accuracy and precision. The sensor is equipped with ATC (Auto-Target-Compensation) feature and is known as the most reliable sensor in terms of performance. The best part is that these sensors can be easily integrated with the inspection system due to the presence of an integrated controller.