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High precision adjustment using capacitive sensors

The manufacturing of thin-film solar cells requires the careful application of multiple layers to glass, which is a delicate process. It is an intricate operation that needs high-level precision in order to achieve the best product quality. With the aid of large coating systems, production is streamlined and the uniformity of each cell corresponds to a number of different factors. 

One important factor is the distance between two perforated metal plates. To make sure that these plates are adjusted accurately, a five-point distance measurement is carried out. It is here that Micro-Epsilon’s capacitive sensors are used. These sensors act as a solution to the costly conventional measurement process. They help to measure the distance between these two plates in a vacuum. All the sensors are connected to the capaNCDT 6500 multi-channel system. Further, the evaluation is done with the help of software to execute the calibration process.